ESQUIRES COFFEE – Enorm möjlighet för kaffeälskare med framtidstänk!

ESQUIRES COFFEE is an international cafe franchise system operating in ten countries and rapidly expanding worldwide. The system is clearly differentiated through its unique organic fairtrade product range and provides superb support to its master franchisees. Excellent systems, manuals and branding coupled with award winning support ensure a powerful ongoing business relationship and provide the framework for creating a very profitable business indeed.

PowerPoint PresentationHelp our neighbourhoods to be ’happier and healthier’ by feeling good about what they eat & drink.

History tells us that the original ‘Esquire’ was an attendant to a knight who they would serve at all cost, their commitment to serve & help another, inspired our brand ethos, so much, we embodied them into our brand.

As coffee lovers & foodies, we’re part of the growing group of people in Ireland, and around the world, who believe good choices about what we eat & drink, have a powerful impact on the health & wellbeing of ourselves, our neighbourhoods, and the environment.

For today, and moreso in the future, we believe in a collective responsibility between ourselves, our neighbourhoods, and our producing partners, to all make good choices, more often.

PowerPoint PresentationPASSION & PURPOSE


  • ❖ A collective for local coffee lovers & foodies, who want to take better care of their neighbourhood.
  • ❖ Honest, wholesome & down to earth.
  • ❖ Story tellers.

Inspired by artisan values, quality & style, focusing our food menus on natural, free range and locally sourced ingredients wherever we can.


  • ❖ Neighbourhood Care..
  • ❖ Responsible Ingredients.
  • ❖ Respectful People.
  • ❖ Healthier consumption can lead us to a healthier planet.
  • ❖ We believe in a ‘Collective Responsibility’ to all to do better by ensuring the health of ourselves and the environment.